Core Capabilities

MTSI provides solutions for the most demanding medical, aerospace, computer, and electrical applications. Combined with our superior tool design, tool building, high-speed stamping capabilities, and SPC quality control, we can ensure our customers the best value for their investment.

Engineering & Design

MTSI works strictly to customer-designed part prints. MTSI utilizes AutoCad and Solid Works design software that allows for quick part analysis and rapid project quoting. Our experience and design systems allow MTSI to make and implement suggestions for increasing manufacturability and reducing costs in the quoting stage. MTSI gives critical consideration to tolerances, finishing requirements, and potential post stamping assembly needs. This attention to total project parameters helps eliminate potential problems and reduce costs during the least expensive stage of project development. Whether the project is a piece part, a reel-to-reel application, or rapid prototyping, MTSI can provide the best solutions to our customers' total project needs.

Computer-aided design using Solid-Works 3D and Auto-Cad allows MTSI to rapidly design and modify customer parts and tools while keeping the tool build on schedule. Our modular die design allows for multiple parts to be made from the same tool. It also allows for easier maintenance and less expensive changes to part designs.

Tools & Dies

Once the design is completed and an order is placed, MTSI can be ordering and cutting steel within one or two days. Utilizing the latest design and machining technologies available, MTSI creates reliable long lasting tools and dies that can produce quality stamped parts for the life of the product. Our standard guarantee is 10 million parts without maintenance costs for tools we design, build, and run at our facility. However, many of our tools have gone way beyond 10 million parts. Several tools have produced 50-70 million parts without additional maintenance or component replacement costs. Durability and longevity is built into every tool at MTSI.

Die Building

MTSI has a reputation as one the best progressive die builders in the industry. We build dies with the highest quality tool steel and carbide components to tolerances of +/-.0001”. Precision built four post die-sets are guided on Swiss made pins, bearings, and guide sleeves ensuring 100% correct die alignment for the life of your product. This precision, pride, and detail goes into every tool MTSI builds and runs.

Precision Manufacturing

When it comes to priorities, MTSI places efficient service right alongside their precision manufacturing capabilities. MTSI establishes long-term relationships with clients by ensuring:

  • quicker response time,

  • greater flexibility, and

  • seamless manufacturing.

High-Speed Punch Press

Whether you require reel-to-reel or piece parts, you will get consistent quality in every part. Small parts in large or small runs is our specialty.

Progressive Die Building

Quality, accuracy, precision, and durability are the trademarks of all MTSI designed and built stamping tools. Whether it is millions of parts or thousands, our SPC data verify steady and consistent quality from first part to last. If you have a tough small part, MTSI can deliver the solutions.

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